“ Ms. Pate was wonderful! So helpful in anything and everything I needed. She also gave us some tough love during class which was great for me because I needed it. The things I’ve learned in this class I will take with me throughout the rest of my time in school. ”
- LSSP Student Fall 2015

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"Promise Program Ice Cream Social"

June 12, 2017 (Monday)
The Learning Center hosted our annual Ice Cream Social featuring guest speaker Dr. Peter Ryan, MSU's Associate Provost for Academic Affairs. Promise Program students were able to mingle and visit with other program members, as well as work on personal development and enrichment activities to kick-off their new school year. The Ice Cream Social is one of many events hosted throughout the year for the Promise Program.

"Practice Makes Perfect"

April 26, 2015 (Sunday)
The Learning Center hosted the "Practice Makes Perfect" dinner etiquette event this week for students in MSU's Promise Student Support Program. Ryan Colvin, senior coordinator with the Career Center, gave a presentation about proper etiquette for the three-course meal. Ms. Christa King, Coordinator for the Promise Student Support Program, designed the event to prepare students for success and confidence during future job interviews and business dinners.

The Successful Student Speaker Series
March 17, 2015, 2:00-3:15 p.m.
Colvard Union Ballroom U

March 17, 2015 (Tuesday)
Dr. Samuel Jones has been "Changing Lives with Words" since his days as a high school basketball player in the heart of the Mississippi Delta. A professional basketball player in Helsinki Finland, Jones later earned a B.A and M.S from the University of Southern Mississippi. In 2006 he received his Ph.D. from Mississippi State University. Currently, he serves as Dean of Student Affairs at Jones County Junior College, a business trainer and consultant for his company, Life Changing Presentations, as well as a leadership facilitator for The Mississippi Economic Council's Leadership Mississippi Program. His book titled Live Life on Purpose: From Discovery to Practice inspires those seeking a better way to go within to change the current results and the course of their lives, so that they might live on purpose.

Download: S4 Spring Poster.pdf

National College Learning Center Association's Annual Conference-Student Success 2014

November 02, 2014 (Sunday)
Dr. Anna Dill, Terry McDowell, and Ingrid Stallworth had a poster session accepted in addition to a presentation at the National College Learning Center Association in October 2014.

The poster was titled "At Risk to No Risk"--Reaching Higher Performance with a Successful Retention Model for Three Specific Populations used by The Learning Center (TLC) at Mississippi State University (MSU).

Three programs for at-risk students offered through The Learning Center at Mississippi State University (MSU) that have successfully proven to aid in retention will be discussed. The program coordinators for each of the respective programs will provide details and data of each program as well as discuss lessons learned from their experiences in working with the students in their programs. These programs were based on a single model which includes classroom instruction, extensive mentoring, and are interlocked with other MSU programs and services.

National College Learning Center Association's Annual Conference

October 03, 2014 (Friday)
"Reaching Peaks for Continuous Improvement through Institutional Effectiveness (IE) at The Learning Center (TLC) at Mississippi State University (MSU)" was presented by Dr. Anna Dill, Ms. Terry McDowell, and Ms. Ingrid Stallworth at the 29th National College Learning Center Association's annual conference on October 3, 2014. The theme for this conference was Reaching New Academic Heights! The conference was held at The Hyatt Regency in Albuquerque, New Mexico from October 1-4, 2014.

The trio's presentation included how The Learning Center at Mississippi State University developed learning outcomes and implemented successful assessments using the 4 Column Conceptual IE Model provided by the Office of Institution Research and Effectiveness. Institutional effectiveness processes are easier to maintain when the emphasis is consistently applied over time. Achieving that optimal level of momentum can be challenging for faculty and administrators.

Participants were encouraged to discuss strengths and challenges of the strategies and identify which techniques might be applicable at their institutions. Presenters shared examples of the Learning Center's assessment reports which included learning outcomes and assessments used to make continuous improvement. The feedback rubric used by MSU's IE/Assessment Committee was also shared.

The presenters would like to thank Mitzy Johnson for her help and support in making this presentation successful.

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